Presentation by P.C. Hohenberg
Chairman, IUPAP C3 Commission on Statistical Physics

E. Lieb (left) & B. Widom (right): Boltzmann Medallist 1998

The Boltzmann Award is given every three years, traditionally at the STATPHYS confrence. Previous winners are K.G. Wilson, R. Kubo, R.J. Baxter, M.E. Fisher, D.Ruelle, Y. Sinai, L.P. Kadanoff, J. Lebowitz, G. Parisi and S.F. Edwards. As chair of the Selection Committee, I am happy to announce that this year's awardees are:

Elliott Lieb (Princeton University) and Benjamin Widom (Cornell University)

The citations read as follows:


For his illuminating studies of the statistical mechanics of fluids and fluid mixtures and their interfacial properties, especiallt his clear and general formulation of scaling hypotheses for the equation of state and surface tension of fluids near critical points.


For his outstanding mathematical investigations of fundamental problems in classical and quantum Statistical Physics, including exact solutions of a wide range of models with importnat applications.